Mark Loper

Executive Assistant to Fr Ed Udovic, CM

Office of the Secretary, DePaul University

Major genres:

– email

– receipt processing/reimbursement forms

– archive material processing

– to-do lists

– handwritten notes

“I think for me, it’s super important that I’m articulate and clear through my emails, because I’m dealing with some trustees and dealing with students. I’m dealing with a wide range of audiences and I have to write to those audiences. If I’m emailing someone who wants to set up a meeting with Fr Ed and they don’t know who I am and I’ve never met them, there’s a formality, a process that you have to follow. I think that that process is important because it designates that there is some sort of formality…”


Fr Ed Udovic, CM

Undersecretary of the University

Senior Executive for University Mission

Vice President for Teaching and Learning Resources

Associate Professor of History

DePaul University

 Major genres: 

– Board of Trustees minutes

– policy writing

– academic articles and books

– reviews

– documentaries

– podcasts

– translation

– archive curation

“The most important thing I’ve discovered is that inner discovery of your narrative voice. In my case since I have to have narrative voices…it’s really highlighted the fact that the content might be the same, but the narrative voice is very, very different in order to be effective.”


Click here to view more curated items in the Vincentian archives.

An Excerpt from “Vincent’s Values: A Spiritual Perspective”

Vincent’s prayerful contemplation led him to identify five “virtues” or “values” that characterized this Christ, which he then personally adopted and recommended to the members of the “Congregation of the Mission.”

In traditional spiritual language Vincent described these virtues… I would suggest, however that given the vast horizon shifts between the 17th century and our own, for us to fully appreciate exactly what Vincent meant by these values a translation into contemporary English and contemporary concepts is necessary.

I would suggest:

“Be” Simple can be translated as “Be” honest.

“Be” Meek can be translated as “Be” approachable.

“Be” Mortified can be translated as “Be” self-disciplined.

“Be” Humble can be translated as “Be” realistic.

“Be” Zealous can be translated as “Be” hardworking.


In this article (which was turned into a podcast), Fr Ed uses his voices as a historian and Vincentian priest to put Vincent’s philosophy in historical and modern context. This piece is used in a class he teaches and is published online by the Office of Mission and Values to express DePaul’s identity as a Vincentian university.

The exhibit displayed in the Brownstone's Annex.
The exhibit displayed in the Brownstone’s Annex.

Curated by Allison Guntz


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