Krystal Lewis is the Information Commons and Student Engagement Librarian at the Richardson Library. Krystal started working at DePaul in summer 2013 when they opened the Information Commons. She has had 15 years of experience as a librarian. Before DePaul, she worked at the University of Illinois in Chicago and Temple University in Philadelphia. Along with coordinating the Learning Commons, Krystal is liaison to the Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work departments. She works with students from those departments on their research and purchases books for those departments. She also leads classes on how to conduct research for the First Year Writing students.

The Information Commons is the newly renovated area on the first floor of Richardson Library. It encourages a much more collaborative environment, and the area known as the Learning Commons in particular is a collaborative space where students can meet with peer tutors, the Writing Center, the Career Center, and other campus support groups.

Click here for more information about the Learning Commons.

The exhibit displayed in the Brownstone's Annex.
The exhibit displayed in the Brownstone’s Annex.


Curated by Deanna Gonzalez


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