Maggie Miller just finished her second year at DePaul’s College of Law, and is working on a certificate in public interest law to supplement her J.D.  She has served as a teaching assistant in the first year legal analysis, research, and communication program.  In college, she double majored in Community Psychology and Peace Studies at DePaul, and has worked for four academic years as a peer-writing tutor at the University Center for Writing-based Learning.  Maggie currently occupies an office as a summer intern at the Cook County Juvenile Court.

Maggie’s writing has been a huge component of her transition from undergrad to law school and she gauges much of her progress and skill level on her writing.  She believes that writing plays a pivotal role in the legal world because documents legitimize experience and function as record keeping.  Much of her writing in law school has been geared towards developing tangible skills to apply in the workplace, and here are some of her document samples detailing a cycle of knowledge circulation for herself as she develops her skill.

Take a look at her flow charts, which map out how she processes and understands various legal systems and rules, which are then translated into how she conceptualizes certain tools used in court rulings, as depicted in her practicum final: The Wheel.  Maggie believes that final showcases her growth as a writer moving from undergrad, where she had to take extend her critical thinking abilities, to law school, where writing is taking complex ideas and shrinking them into concise points.

In the “final” document, we can see how she takes the more personal, “behind-the-scenes,” writing of study guides and critical application to develop the end all be all of legal documents for her mandatory writing class: the appellate brief.


The Wheel 


The exhibit displayed in the Brownstone's Annex.
The exhibit displayed in the Brownstone’s Annex.

Curated by Cynthia Medrano


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